BMW Diplomatic sales program.

Among the numerous advantages are:

• Special conditions and tax benefits for diplomats

• The full range of BMW & MINI vehicles tailored to your individual needs

• Order & deliver to almost every country worldwide

• Worldwide service and two-year warranty regardless of mileage (excluding the replacement of worn parts)


BMW Diplomatic sales program.

The benefits of BMW Diplomatic Sales Program are available exclusively for embassies, diplomats, employees of international organizations (UN, EU, NATO, CERN...) and honorary consuls.



Fill in short lead form and join the competition to win BMW X5. Competition ends on  15.11.2019 12:00. Winner will be contacted on Friday afternoon.

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With providing us optional data, you help us to back to you with best solutions.



BMW Diplomatic sales program.

In case you are interested, please contact our colleagues.

Adrián Adam

Corporate and diplomatic sales manager
Mob.: +421 903 781 010
Email: adam.adrian@autopalace.sk

Lukáš Madleňák

Corporate and diplomatic sales
Mob.: +421 902 945 499
Email: lukas.madlenak@autopalace.sk


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